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Who I Am and What I Do

Plant Whisperer of Texas LLC was founded in Texas in 2010 with the pursuit of creating beautiful spaces that people interact with. Whether designing a new color creation container or poolside oasis, the goal is to create aesthetically pleasing and livable spaces. Behind every beautiful landscape is knowledge, paired with an artistic design. To have your next project designed by Plant Whisperer of Texas LLC, get in touch today.


What We Offer

Residential Consultation

Residential Consultation: Are you unsure where to begin with a less than colorful front or back yard? Sara can come to your home and evaluate your space. She will listen to your ideas and work with you to help create your oasis or the sanctuary you've been longing for. During the consult, which takes about an hour, she will use her nature's trained eye to see how best to create a maintainable space to fit closely with your vision. She can look at any problematic areas and offer solutions to help create a more appealing space in those areas. (Custom Design can be added)

Plant Store
Botanical Garden

Commercial Consultation

Commercial Consultation: Looking for a colorful space for customers to enjoy as well? Invite Sara to your business and she can evaluate the site to spruce up old landscapes and create a more inviting array of colors around the entrance of your business. Sara puts her knowledge into creating a self-maintaining (with sprinkler systems already  in place) landscape, taking into consideration year round curb appeal with minimal effort. (Custom Design can be added)

Custom Design

Custom Design: After a consultation,  Sara will create a list of plants as discussed during consultation as well as draw a planting plan to show how things should be put in ground. At that time, you may choose to plant yourself, or have your own team come in and do the planting for you with a now detailed drawn plan of exactly how your space will look.

Back Yard
Potted Pink Plant

Color Creation

Color Creations: Do you  have patio space you want decorated, but you're not sure where to start? Have Sara create custom container gardens, Color Creations,  to liven up your deck or patio. These can be in containers large or small, centerpieces for patio tables, hanging plants under patio covers or large ceramic pots to accent any space.

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